Giving Wings to dreams of leadership

Today I want to speak to you on a different topic. Young Inspirators Network (YIN) initiatives have been running successfully for the last one year. The enthusiasm of youngsters is reaching remote places. YIN has instilled self confidence in college students to bring about change. I congratulate all YIN members for this. Now, we have decided to select YIN leaders from college, district and state levels. Yes, YIN elections will be held for this.

We are looking at this election to create a new generation of leaders for the State and this would be possible with your enthusiastic participation. These can not be progress in the state and the country without the brain power and strength of the youth. If this youth decide, they can change the opinion of society as we have seen. When I undertook the initiative to engage with the youth. I studied not only about the youth here but also in other countries. I realized that the youth lacked direction and were not socially organised. There was a need to unite the youth and encourage change by giving them a proper direction. This led to the concept of Young Inspirators Network (YIN) and we have succeeded in our efforts. The fame of YIN has now reached overseas. I am happy that we have decided to undertake an inittative to strengthen the democracy by holding YIN elections.

YIN has now completed one year and in that year we have conducted various social initiatives across the State. Around two lakh youngsters directly and indirectly, are connected with this movement. Most of the NGOs from across the state have shown interest in working with us. The work done by YIN members in one year shows what the youth are capable of if given an opportunity. Several big projects were undertaken in different parts of the State. Be it the Footpath Shalecha initiative in Nagpur. Chala Gavakade initiative at Nandre village in Sangli, Model Village initiative in Patnoor in Nanded or the initiative wherein several youngsters joined hands to make Ganesh Festival festival a public event in Pune. Many such initiative have been successfully accomplished by YIN members. We got to see immense self confidence among the youth in the state during these initiatives. Icons from all fields have contributed greatly to support the initiatives

Today, we are declaring a different concept for the youngsters through YIN, which will strengthen the democracy. We will conduct YIN election in all participant colleges in the state from December 15 to December 30. the preparation for the same are complete. Our state needs dynamic youngsters in all fields. Leadership qualities must be developed in the young during college days. We are conducting elections with this motive. There is another motive to create a youth pressure group to enable decisions which will help solve questions faced y the youth. From among the YIN representatives a shodow cabinet will be created. These youngsters will be provided with the necessary training. They are expected to come together positively through democratic means to work on the problems related to the youth.

If the issue of unemployment is considered then out of 100 only 30 youth are employed. YIN representative can play an important role in analysing the situation and finding appropriate solutions. The aim is to solve various difficulties faced by the youth in securing employment.

The state government has cancelled elections in all colleges the reason behind this ban was the quarrels, disputes related to this polls. There will be no such fears in the polling system we have adopted. We have named these polls as leadership development, programme. There will be some criteria to be eligible for the polls. The work of the aspiring youth and their biodata will be considered. The polling officers appointed for the polling process will consider the work done through YIN or other forums. Only such youth will enter as candidates in the polling arena.

There will be an independent polling machinery at college level and also at district level. We are providing all details of the elections. These will be new young leaders in all talukas and district in the state. A shadow cabinet will take shape from this. Among there youth, a guardian minister coordinating at the district level will take up the responsibility.

The functioning system of this machinery has been decided. State Education Minister Vinod Tawde has welcomed the concept of polls for the YIN representatives. The education minister has said that this will be a golden opportunity to develop leadership among the youth and it will create a better new generation.

The YIN representatives toured all over the state for these polls and also met all the vice chancellors in the state. It has been promising for us that ever the vice chancellors have welcomed the concept of leadership development. The YIN’s central team has interacted with principals of all colleges where the elections will take place. They too have welcomed this initiative. All of them are very keen to work along with the YIN. The youth in the state are also very excited about this initiative. This project is taking shape due to insistence of these people. All the youngsters are very excited about this election.

Many retired officer having long administrative experience, college teachers interested in social work have volunteered to give time for this election. There is no doubt that the process for electing YIN representatives will take place successfully with the cooperation of all these people.

In this project there is no competition with anybody nor is there any commercial aspect. The aim is only to make use of youth as a power and to develop a leadership of tomorrow amongest them. It is hoped the new generation will be equipped to take up leadership in all sectors. Young friends, we appeal to you to be a part of the YIN movement to be a strong pillar of democracy.

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